Baz Pringle is a British artist, born in London, England. After graduating high school in Ealing, he went on to attend The Laguna School of Art and Design in California, US. He graduated with a degree in Illustration and a minor in Graphic Design.

After graduating he joined Virgin Interactive in California, as a 2D production artist. Since then he has worked as a 2D and 3D production artist on both a full-time and freelance basis for a wide variety of companies including Sony, Universal, BBC, Disney, T-Mobile, Motorola, EA, Mattel, and Warner Brothers.

In 2005, he set up Grafika66 as an outlet for his personal work, outside of his day-to-day client-based projects, designed to be a home for his fine art. Since then the site has come to include new client work that is in the Grafika66 style, but still remains the home of many of his self-initiated pieces.

During his career, he has been involved in a wide area of art production, and he tries to draw from this experience in his Grafika66 work. Some pieces may include traditional hand-drawn elements, while others incorporate 3D models, photography, and motion graphics; all disciplines he has had to learn to become proficient in while working as a commercial artist.  Popular culture is the primary influence on his work, with Fashion, Music, and Film being the biggest areas of inspiration.

He is currently based in Bayswater – London, United Kingdom.

Brand Experience


/ Audi

/ Capcom

/ EA

/ Nintendo

/ Virgin

/ Universal

/ T-Mobile

/ Sony

/ Warner Bros.

/ Motorola

/ Activision

/ G.A.N.G

/ Alpine

/ Monioko

/ Namco

/ LA Boxing


/ Logitech

/ Wells Fargo Bank

/ Swingin’ Ape Studios

/ Fox Sports

/ The Webby Awards

/ Dishwalla

/ M&Ms

/ Space X

/ Spundae

/ Top Gear

/ Extreme Music

/ Oakley

Brand Experience (Cont.)

/ Disney



/ Trojan

/ Invensys

/ The Miami Dolphins

/ Mattel

/ Nokia

/ Art & Strategy

/ Brash

/ Tesla

/ Nicalis

/ Happily Natural Day

/ BottleRocket

/ Sledgehammer

/ Ripley’s Believe It or Not

/ Tommy Tallorico

/ Video Games Live

/ David Perry

/ Beckman Coulter

/ Climarks

/ Korbel

/ American Career College

/ Ford


/ An Ideal World

/ Epson

/ Team Detroit


/ Zynga


/ Tres Logos

/ Spyline

/ Computer Arts

/ Digital Arts Magazine

/ Web Site Design Awards

/ Trajan Magazine

/ The FWA

/ Zeixs Graphic Design 2

/ Idea Design Magazine

/ Taschen’s 1000 Favourite Sites

/ Web Design by Index 3

/ Web Design by Index 4

/ Web Designing Magazine

/ Computer and Video Games

/ Top Gear Magazine

/ Popular Mechanics


/ Web Site Design Awards

/ Five Eight Magazine

/ Entertainment Tonight

/ The FWA – TV

/ Nicalis

/ Spyline

/ Web Designing Magazine

/ Idea Design Magazine

/ PhotoCoach Magazine

/ Web Creators Magazine